SitePilot Subscription - The Most Cost-Effective Way to Launch, Maintain and Grow Your Professional Website

Our one of a kind SitePilot monthly subscription solves the biggest problems we have heard over the years from small and mid-sized companies. SitePilot Subscription sites are more economical and quicker to launch than custom websites, and they are higher performing, more flexible and easier to manage than using templates or site builders. Most important: you will have an ongoing partner (a real person you can contact!) dedicated to keeping your site healthy and up to date. With a SitePilot subscription, you start small…then the sky’s the limit!

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We Take the Headache Out of Building and Maintaining a Business Website

Your professional WordPress website will be built for maximum performance, positive user experience across all browsing devices, fast load times, search engine readability, and longevity. With advanced hosting, ongoing maintenance, and monthly updates, your site will not only stay up to date, but grow with you and your business.

SitePilot Subscription - What is Included

Need more?

If you need additional features or a larger site at go live, we can customize and add on to the basic package. These items will incur additional costs:

  • Additional static content pages If more than 5 pages are required at go-live.
  • Specialized page including blogging facility, e-commerce, member-only areas, Google Translate plug in, dynamic custom post sections, training course platform, etc.
  • Third-party licenses and subscriptions including website domain registration, licenses or subscriptions for special functions or plug-ins, etc.
  • Additional web updates that require more time than the 2 hours included in the subscription.
  • Specialized graphic design and photography including logo design.