What is a Pay Monthly Website?

Our all-inclusive monthly subscription helps busy small businesses and nonprofits launch, maintain and grow a responsive WordPress website that is beautifully designed, professionally written, and hand coded. We guide clients through developing an online presence that effectively positions them in the market, reaches their specific target audiences, and tells their unique story.

Why choose a Pay Monthly Website?

Typically, there are two choices for companies: a large upfront cost for a traditional site, or an inexpensive DIY or template site with restrictions on layout and little ongoing support.

With our Pay Monthly subscription, upfront and ongoing personalized strategic marketing consulting that is typically out of reach for smaller companies is built into a monthly fee, spreading out costs and giving businesses a partner to help keep their site functional and fresh into the future.

What is included with a Pay Monthly Website?

A Pay Monthly Website Subscription includes:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Website design and development
  • Ongoing hosting
  • Personalized support to maintain, update and grow the site over time

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Included in your Pay Monthly Website Subscription:

Website Design & Build

  • Strategy—Comprehensive discovery to understand your needs, the objectives of the site, competitive landscape and desired features to determine the best approach, structure, and look and feel for your site
  • UX/UI Design—Development of information architecture, followed by professional mobile-first, ADA compliant design, image sourcing and content creation to provide the best user experience
  • Coding—Hand coding of site, with no use of third-party themes or templates. Your site can include functionality such as a blog, contact form, newsletter sign-up, embedded videos, and social media links (additional fees apply for eCommerce functionality)
  • Set up of site management tools—Integrated website analytics or integration of your own Google Analytics account, free SSL certificate, and access to WordPress content management

Maintain & Support

  • Maintenance—Ongoing updates to software, security, PHP versioning, database, plugins all included
  • Web support—1.5 hours accrue each month to use toward growing your website, adding features and improving SEO including content development and consultation

Advanced Hosting & Security

  • World-class server speeds
  • Use of your custom domain
  • Daily backups and one-click restore
  • One-click staging site for development and testing
  • Daily malware scanning and notifications
  • Web application firewall
  • Uptime monitoring with real-time notifications of service interruptions
  • Two-factor authentication to secure your user login
  • Custom login URL

Page Speed Performance Enhancements

  • Image optimization & image CDN delivery
  • Lazy-load of images, keeping initial page-load time low
  • Page cache & CDN delivery for increased performance
  • GZIP Compression
  • Theme asset optimization

How much does a Pay Monthly Website cost?

Our Pay Monthly websites start at $410/month (additional fees apply for eCommerce functionality). Everything involved in planning, designing, writing, coding, hosting and maintaining the site is covered. The site will launch with 5 pages and then each month you will accrue 1.5 hours of development time that can be used to grow your website, add pages, content, or features, or improve SEO.

What is the commitment with a Pay Monthly Website subscription?

The Pay Monthly Website subscription is month-to-month and begins at the kick-off of the project. If you find you no longer need your website, the subscription can be canceled at any time, with 30 days’ notice, and we will remove the site.

After the fifth year of the subscription, the site is all yours and you will have the option to continue with a monthly subscription, move your site to a maintenance contract, or transfer the site to another web hosting service.

If you wish to move the site to a different ISP earlier, we will prepare a buy-out agreement based on the time spent to date developing and maintaining the site. The buy-out agreement will take into consideration all payments previously made.

Do I get any other perks as a Pay Monthly Website subscriber?

Aukema & Associates offers a full suite of strategic marketing consulting services, available to Pay Monthly Website subscribers on an hourly or project basis at preferential rates. Whether you need a couple more hours for a large website update or want to make use of our other marketing communications services, we are here to help. We offer brand strategy services and logo development, social media management, and development of collateral like brochures, one-pagers, case studies, mailers and product sheets – and more.