Help Your Plan Participants Understand Their Benefits and How to Use Them

Trying to understand health and retirement benefits is a source of frustration for many workers. Effective outreach and communications can help plan participants understand and make the most of their benefits, giving them the information they need to take care of their family’s health and save for the future.

Aukema & Associates partners with Taft-Hartley Trusts to provide strategic communications consultation, customizing communications based on the demographics of plan participants and the goals of the Trust, and employing the most effective tactics to reach participants and their families.

Aukema & Associates provides full-service strategic communications to multi-employer health & welfare plans

Why Aukema & Associates?

Aukema & Associates is a full-service strategic communications consulting firm with a special focus on serving Taft-Hartley Trusts and multi-employer health & welfare and retirement plans. We have provided communications consulting for healthcare organizations since opening our doors in 2002.

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